About Us

Our mobile application development service includes the development of both native Android and iOS (iPhone) devices only. Our staff includes professional in marketing, journalism and graphic designers.

David Nevels

David, our CEO and Chief Application Developer, has stayed on the cutting edge of technology for nearly 40 years. In the 1970s, he wrote programs for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) used in the manufacturing industry.In the 1980s he wrote programs that helped his daughter learn reading, writing and typing. In the early 1990s before the Internet, David was actively working on programs that allowed computers to "communicate" with each other through Bulletin Board Services (BBS) and had his number listed in the directory of other BBS lists. With the introduction of the Internet in the late 1990s David began building various websites, which included building and maintaining the website for the Dispatch Tribune newspaper for several years. He developed the program used to display the newspapers classified ads and pioneered new and innovative ways to display printed ads. After the iPhone made its debut in 2007 and the first phone that ran the Android operating system hit the market in 2008, he recognized that the demand for smartphone applications would soon far exceeded the number of developers. So, he expanded his portfolio of programming languages to include those for smartphones and started NevelApp Inc. utilizing a business plan that is unique to this type of enterprise.

Our end solutions comprise of a content management system that allows our customers to manage their applications without any need of technical knowledge.

Our mobile app marketing service includes a variety of options designed to help your business not only pay for the development of the app but also to help increase customer retention and grow the customer base. We will market the app by providing flyers, posters, brochures and/or mailers that promote the app as well as provide a gr code to download the app.

If you have chosen us as your mobile application provider, we offer you our content management service. If you want us to manage your application content to focus more on your business operations, we are proud to handle your business mobile app content for you.

To see what your company’s business app could look like, contact us now for your free interactive graphic Outline.

If you would like more information about us and how we can help you, please don’t hesitate contact us.